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His Life and Style would like to thank you for visiting our site. We have many unique items for you to choose from; from personalized wallet to amazing modern furniture. We strive to bring you the best product from the manufacture right to your hands.




His Life and Style is a unique store. We focus on one thing that no other store focuses on; our target market is men. We want to be unique and we want to bring His Life and Style a place where you can shop for special items that bring out your greatest attribution and personality.


We know that everyone is special and unique in their own way and we want to bring it out there and showcase it.


To learn more about our His Life and Style Company, visit our About Us web page. Do not forget to sign-up for our amazing discounts, promotions, and deals. We are always promoting so check us out more often.


His Life and Style is a Canadian based company located in the capital city of Ottawa. We have manufactures from all over the place and we can ship anywhere within Canada, USA, and globally.




His Life and Style is always looking for great products and amazing items to bring right to your hands. We want to bring ‘fun’ into shopping.


Every item we pick, we are always thinking about you and what you want. We are passionate about you because you are you, no one can be you except you. That is why His Life and Style is always looking for amazing deals and amazing products. We have manufacture from all over the place and we can ship your items anywhere from within Canada, USA, and overseas.


Every item you buy is from directly straight from the manufacture. We bring product to you because we are always thinking about you. Just check out our wide range of categories of amazing deals and items for you to choose from. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions if you have some questions that we may have already answered.




His Life and Style is always giving out promotions and offers. Check out our newsletter and do not forget to sign up. We will send you amazing deals for all of our great products at an amazing discounted price that you do not want to miss. Sign up here, you will not regret it.


You can also write reviews about the product you bought. We love to hear from you and so does our manufacturer.



His Life and Style is operated in Canada and its office is located in Ottawa, Ontario. All orders are done through our Site at and it has been operated since 2016.






If you have any questions you can contact us at

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