Give Your Gift A Reason

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Have you ever wonder why sometimes your friend or your family member did not, do not, or rarely use your gift as often as you like them to.


Imagine both of you were hanging out; it could be your boyfriend, father, brother, your best friend, or whoever he is. He brings out his wallet and you notice that he didn’t use the new wallet that you got for him. He instead kept his old wallet. So what is wrong? So why does he still use his old wallet instead of the new one you bought for him? Here are the 5 reasons why your gift sucks. In a man’s point-of-view:


1. Personalize your Gift


Know what he likes. It’s common sense. If you want something special….you have to know him. Know what is likes and dislikes are. Once you figure that out, buy something special knowing that he will use it often. Once you got that down; personalize it.


Make it Special. Once you have something special to give to him, he will appreciate it.


2. Your Gift is NOT Unique Enough


Is he a party-person? Does he like to drink? Don’t just buy any gift for him hoping he likes it. That is not how it works.


It is best to find what type of person he is and give an appropriate present to him. Find out what he likes, example does he drink beer? Give a personalized beer glass with his name on it. What about shots? Provide him a unique flask or a shot glass that is personalized.  These personalized beer glass, shot glass, and flask are also great for wedding gifts as well.               


3. Tools are ALWAYS a Bad Idea


Tools are always great to have around and they are great use to fix things, but not everyone wants it as a gift. Just because he came by and fixed your sink does not mean he wants a better tools to fix your sink next time.


Tools are a bad example as a gift unless his job requires tools and that he wants a good tool to do a job he needs. Otherwise it is not always a good gift.


It’s best to give him something that he will use.


4. Give Him Space


NO! It is not what you think! Don’t leave!


What I mean by giving him space is giving him something that can be used in his space such as something that can spruce up his room, like his office space, living-room, or the kitchen. Give him something that he is proud of, like if he likes dogs, a dog-décor would be appreciated. He will gladly display it in any room he likes.


5. Don’t Over Do It.


When he likes something and you finally got it down, don’t overdo it. It will be kind of redundant, having the same thing over and over again in many different colours, shapes, and sizes.


One is enough but having 2, 3, or 10 of it no matter what colour, shape, and size it is, it would be boring and unappreciative.


The best advice is to “keep it simple”.

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